Birding tours for 19 days

Day 01: Transfer and Briefing to the hotel to Antananarivo

Day 02: Birding to the lake Alarobia to see: Cattle

Egret,Dimorphic Egret,Knob Billed Duck ,Squacco Heron,Black Browned Night Heron ,Black Heron,Malagasy Pond,Red Billed Teal Heron

Day 03: Antananarivo- Ranomafana.400 km 09 hours approx

Overnight to the Lodge
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schlegel philepitta madagascar owl operator tour

Day 04: Full day birding to Ranomafana

To see Pitta-Like Ground Roller ,Rufous Headded Ground Roller,Common Sun Bird Asity,Tylas Vanga,Chabert Vanga. Overnight to the same lodge

Day 05: Full day birding to Ranomafana

To see other species of endemic birds as Madagascar Pranticole ,Brown Mesite,Grey –Crowned Tetraka, Wedge Tailed Jerry,Red Tailed Vanga,Hent’s Goshawk,Yellow Sunbird Asity, Velvet Asity... Overnight to the same lodge.

Day 06: Ranomafana - Ranohira

To see Madagascar Partridge,Forest Rock Thrush,Madagascar Lark. Overnight to the lodge

Day 07: Full day birding to Zombitse

a rare occasion for us to see the rarest bird in this park as Appert’s Tetraka and the Giant Couas …. National Park Overnight to the Hotel(Tulear)

Day 08: Boat ferry to Nosy ve and birding To St Augustin and Nosy ve

To see Red Tailed Tropic Birds ,Lesser Crested Tern ,Humblot’s Heron,Grey Heron.Overnight to the Lodge(Tulear)

Day 09: Full day birding to Ifaty

To see the famous Long tailed ground Roller ,Archbold’s Newtonia,Subdesert Brush Warbler ,Thamnornis,Sub-desert Mesite,Running and Red Capped Couas ,Red Shouldered Vanga.Madagascar Harrier Hawk,Crab Plover ,Madagascar Plover,White Headed Vanga …Overnight to the same hotel

Day 10: Transfer ,flight To Antananarivo and drive to Andasibe

Overnight to Andasibe .Overnight to the hotel

Day 11 - 12: Full day birding to Andasibe NP

To see Madagascar Pygmy Kingfisher ,Blue Couas,Madagascar Sparrow Hawk,White Throated Oxylabes, Wedge Tailed Tetraka,Yellow Browed Oxylabes,Criptic Tetraka ,Madagascar Long Eared Owl,Barn Owl… Overnight to the same lodge

Day 13: Drive to Antananarivo

Overnight to the Hotel

Day 14: Drive to Ankarafatsika

On the way we can have chance to see the Madagascar Harrier ,Madagascar Pranticole ....

Day 15: Birding in Ankarafatsika

To see Schlegel's Asity ,Van Dam's Vanga ,Sikled Bill Vanga ,Coquerel's Coua

Day 16: Birding To the Lac Ravelobe

To see Madagascar Fish Eagle ,Madagascar Buzzard,Madagascar Jacana ,Humblot Heron....

Day 17: Birding to the Betsiboka Delta

On a speed boat to see the Bernier Teal ,Madagascar Plover....

Day 18: Drive back to Antananarivo

Day 19: Transfer Abroad


Habitat covered: rain forest ,deciduous woodland ,spiny desert ,wetland.
Participants: 18 PERSONS Departure on September 2017 and we will tell you the date soon.
Some bird's species can be seen during this tour.

Ranomafana National Park( rain forest)

We’ll take time out to find forest birds including: Pitta-like, Short legged, Scaly Ground-roller, Rain forest Scops owl, Brown Mesite, Cuckoo roller ,Wood rail, Common Sun-bird, Grey crowned Tetraka, Wedge tailed Jerry, Yellow Sun Bird Asity, Brown Emutail, Madagascar Pranticole, Madagascar Snipe, Malagasy Harrier, Henst’s Goshawk, Pollen’s/red Tailed Vanga, Velvet Asity, Greater Vasa Parrot, Crested Drongo, Madagascar Fly Catcher, Madagascar Rail, Madagascar Green Pigeon.

Mantadia and Perinet National Park

Short legged an Scaly Ground Rollers, Madagascar Flufftail, Madagascar Owl, Grey Crowned Tetraka, Red Breasted Couas, Pitta –Like and Rufous Ground Rollers, Crossley Vanga, Spectacle Tetraka, Wedge Tailed, Green and Stripe –Throated Jeries, Common and Dark Newtonia Cryptic Warbler, Forest Fody, Blue and Red Breasted Couas Madagascar Pygmy
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madagascar plover tulear operator tour
Kingfisher ,Ward’s Vanga Madagascar Blue Pigeon,Madagascar Sartling ,Madagascar Spinetail,Nelicourvi Weaver, Cuckoo Roller,Tylas/White headed /Chabert/Blue/Red tailed and Hook Billed Vanga ,Madagasar Wood Rail, Madagascar Cuckoo Shrike ,Common sun Bird Rain Forest Scops Owl ,Collared Nightjar ,Red tailed Newtonia Dusky Tetraka ....

Ankarafantsika National Park

Sikled Bill Vanga ,Yellow Broad Billed Roller,White Headed Vanga ,Crested Drongo , Crested Ibis ,White Breasted Mesite ,Crested Coua,Turtle Dove ,Schlegel's Asity,Madagascar Jacana ,Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher,Madagascar Pygmy Kingfisher ,Red Capped Coua ....
This price includes
Nineteen days on full board on hotel and lodge
Park entrance and bird's guide fees in each park
Car and fuel for whole trip
Driver indemnities and needed
Boat ferry to Nosy Ve (go and back)
Speed boat to Betsiboka Delta
Flight from Tulear-Antananarivo
This price doesn’t include
All others expenses
Optional excursions
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